Are pets accepted?

Unfortunately, some of our guests have allergies so we attempt to maintain as close to an allergy-free environment as possible and do not accept pets on our boats or in our accommodations.

How do you get to Masset in the Queen Charlotte Islands?

There are essentially three ways:

  1. Drive to either Port Hardy on Vancouver Island or Prince Rupert on mainland BC and travel by BC Ferries to Skidegate on Haida Gwaii.  Masset is about a 1.5-hour drive north of Skidegate.  Travel time from Port Hardy to Prince Rupert is 16- 24 hours and Prince Rupert to Masset is about 10 hours.  To visit BC Ferries website please click here.
  2. Fly with Air Canada’s Jazz from Vancouver to Sandspit on Haida Gwaii where you will need to rent a car with Thrifty’s or Budget Car Rental and drive 20 minutes to catch a 20-minute ferry from Alliford Bay to Skidegate.  It is another 1.5-hour drive to Masset.  Travel time from Vancouver to Masset with Air Canada via Sandspit is about 6 hours.

  3. Fly with Pacific Coastal Airlines from Vancouver to Masset where QCI Vacationhomes will pick you up at the airport.  Rental cars are available in Masset but restaurants and stores are easily within walking distance of the vacation homes.  Travel time from Vancouver to Masset with Pacific Coastal Airlines is about 2 hours.

How much time is spent on the water fishing if doing the Charters?

Generally, it is an 8 hour day on the water, with the boats leaving the dock at 7:00 am and returning by 3:00 pm.  If the fishing is a little slow the guides have been known to stay out longer if the guests desire, but after 8 hours most are ready to head back for a bit of relaxation and dinner.

Can I rent a car while on Haida Gwaii?

Yes, you can.  Budget and Thrifty Car Rental Agencies are based out of Sandspit and National Car Rental is based out of Masset.  Rustic Rentals offer good, used vehicles for rent out of Queen Charlotte City and Masset.

What is the weather like in Masset?

The weather in Masset is an experience NOT to be missed; however, as with anywhere the seasons change and so does the weather. For an update on the most current weather in and around Masset, check out Canada BC’s weather website